Medical News Today: What is atrial fibrillation?

[ad_1] Atrial fibrillation is a heart disease that leads to twitching and malfunction in the walls of the heart and irregular heart rhythm. This can cause a range of complications and can be fatal without treatment. Read on to learn about the symptoms and possible complications, as well as how to treat the condition. [ad_2] Source link

New target may help eliminate inflammation

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F1 news: Sebastian Vettel takes dig at Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton issues rallying cry | F1 | Sport

[ad_1] This season the iconic Italian manufacturer have introduced several updates to their car.However, the tweaks - and particularly upgrades related to the rear suspension - ended up derailing their campaign.When asked where his team’s development had hit the buffers, he said: “It’s a big question.“Obviously along the way something went wrong and we need to learn from it…“We didn’t go and develop in the right direction, so clearly we

Top banks in cyber-attack ‘war game’

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images The Bank of England is testing the UK's ability to withstand a major cyber-attack on financial institutions. Some 40 firms, including leading banks, are taking part in a one-day "war-gaming" exercise designed to assess their resilience.The Bank is conducting the exercise on Friday in partnership with regulators and the Treasury.It wants to ensure that firms are able to meet certain minimum recovery standards after a