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Nicky Morgan says Brexit is reason domestic policies don’t get much time on BBC Newsnight | Politics | News

The Conservative MP spoke on Monday’s BBC Newsnight about how there should be more investment in people. Ms Morgan went on further to credit Amber Rudd who admitted yesterday that the Universal Credit increase is linked to a rise in food bank use. On Monday’s show presented by Emily Maitlis, the MP commended Ms Rudd for fronting up the issues and said: “That’s what people want to see from their politicians.”

She said: “There is frustration at the moment that none of these other issues are being talked about because we are still talking about what the Brexit withdrawal will be.

“One of the great frustrations is we can see all of these important things being done in the economy we are still talking about Brexit.

“After the 2008 and 2010 financial was to rebalance the public finances. There is no doubt there were things that weren’t tackled; regional growth for example, unbalanced national economy, but also I think investment in people.”

The Conservative MP went on to insist she would like to see more work done in this area.

Earlier on Monday, the Work and Pensions Secretary said the Government had made changes to help tackle food insecurity following problems in rolling out universal credit.

Ms Rudd said in the Commons the Government was “committed to a strong safety net where people need it”.

Ms Morgan added giving the public security would be a big step forward.

She said: “We often talk about capital investment, infrastructure investment, actually investment in our people – education, skills, recognising the changing workplace, the changing need for skills as people go through their working lives.

“That’s the thing that’s really going to impact on productivity.

“I think that productivity puzzle is a bit of a mystery. Why is it that our country is not as productive as other countries? And that’s got to be investing in our human capital i.e. our people.”

However, Grace Blakeley argued against the measurement of economic growth and said there is “staggering levels of wealth and inequality”.

She said: “Areas that voted to leave have not been benefiting over the last 40 years” due to the separation of economics and politics.

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