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Coward who filmed ‘friend jumping on homeless people’ in tent jailed

A man who watched and filmed as another man allegedly jumped on two homeless men in a tent has been jailed for 14 weeks.

Jake Mann, 29, was seen laughing and swearing at the two victims as he left to catch a pre-booked taxi home, a court heard.

A judge described the attack as ‘totally outrageous’ and lacking in any ‘empathy or social awareness’.

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Jamie Nickell (left) and Jake Mann outside Hull Crown Court (Picture: MEN Media)

The two homeless men had been asleep when they were woken by the sound of raised voices, prosecutor Phillip Evans said.

He said one ‘peeped’ out of the tent flap, saw the men coming towards them, and ‘the next thing he knew he felt someone jumping on the tent, on himself and his friend.’

The fact Mann had his phone out ready to film the incident showed there was ‘an element of planning’ to the attack, Mr Evans said.

The prosecutor added: ‘As the men made their way from the tent the expression “You dirty scumbag trampy b**s” was heard.’

One of the men in the tent suffered an injured knee, while both said they were left ‘apprehensive’ and ‘scared’ after the incident on November 30, outside the Boyes store in Hull city centre.

Jake Mann, 29, was jailed for filming the attack (Picture: Dan Rowlands / SWNS)
One of the attackers launches himself at the tent where two men where sheltering (Picture: PA)

The attack was captured on CCTV and shared on social media as police appealed for help in tracing the pair responsible.

Mann, of Goldsmith Walk, Lincoln, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

His lawyer argued that Mann should be spared jail and given an alternative punishment of working with a homeless charity in Lincoln.

But Judge Mark Bury told Mann: ‘It’s totally outrageous.

‘As I said, you have shown no empathy or social awareness and I have a public duty to make it clear to everybody that this sort of behaviour in a civilised society cannot be tolerated.

The attackers run off to catch a pre-paid taxi (Picture: PA)

‘There has to be a sentence of immediate imprisonment.’

The judge earlier told him: ‘Homelessness is not a lifestyle choice, Mr Mann, it’s a necessity for some people, unfortunately. It’s corrosive to their self-respect and well-being and does nothing for their mental health.’

Mann had shown a ‘depressing lack of awareness’, the judge said.

He had asked to be sentenced without the benefit of a probation service report so he would not miss being the best man at his friend’s wedding.

Jamie Nickell, 26, of the same address, attended the hearing charged with the same offence and his case is expected to conclude on Friday. He has not formally entered a plea.

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