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Boyfriend tried to gouge out girlfriend’s eyes with a broomstick

A carer is living in fear after being told her violent ex could be released from prison early.

Samantha Jenkins, 33, was beaten with a broomstick by Kevin Owen for more than an hour after he went into a drunken rage in the flat they shared.

She lost her two front teeth in the prolonged attack in November 2014 and had to spend two days in hospital.

Samantha Jenkins, 33, was left with horrific injuries after her boyfriend beat her with a broken broom handle (Picture: SWNS)
Kevin Owen was jailed for nine years in 2015 but could be released as early as May (Picture: SWNS)

Owen had attacked her multiple times during their relationship, but she said something ‘changed in him that night’ and he was giving it ‘everything he had.’

Mum-of-one Samantha said: ‘He grabbed a mirror and hit me over the head with it, then he was on top of me and beating me with a broomstick.

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‘He was putting so much force into it that he literally snapped it in half – then he started trying to gouge out my eyes with the handle.’

She didn’t know the full extent at the time, but was later told Owen had thrown a glass tray and a television set at her during the attack.

She added: ‘I was fighting for my life, and it lasted for well over an hour, it was endless and I had no idea if I’d make it.

The mum-of-one says she is terrified of bumping into him when he is released (Picture: SWNS)

‘Eventually, I spotted a piece of cracked mirror next to me on the floor and I hit him with it so he’d get off.’

He tried to follow her up the stairs, but was bleeding heavily and had been drinking heavily, giving Samantha the chance to scream out of the bathroom window for help.

Owen tried to claim he beat her in self-defence, but was found guilty of wounding with intent at Cardiff Crown Court in July 2015 and sentenced to nine years behind bars.

He could now be released in May and return to their hometown of Caerphilly, South Wales, leaving Samantha terrified she might see him again.

Samantha said: ‘I can’t even imagine just bumping into him while I’m at the shops. He shouldn’t be allowed back, it just isn’t fair.

‘I still have scars from that night. I’m not allowed to forget, so why should he?’

Samantha has since found love with new partner Kyle, 32 (Picture: SWNS)

‘I knew he wasn’t exactly “the one” but I had no idea he would turn on me.

‘I was fighting for my life when he attacked me – I could easily have died that night.

‘Now he’s being released I’m even more terrified – it isn’t fair that he gets to come back to Caerphilly after what he did to me.’

Samantha has since found love with Kyle ,32, but says when Owen did means she is unable to trust men and left her with lasting psychological scars.

She said: ‘Kyle is nothing like Kevin, he’s a real man and looks after me.

‘It’s been hard because I get insecure and paranoid – luckily he knows what I’ve been through and understands.’

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