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Google maps: Cat left truly terrified after huge shock – what was it? | Travel News | Travel

Google maps’ cameras were particularly terrifying for an unsuspecting black cat who was going about its morning stroll. The animal appeared perfectly content to take a walk in the sunshine. It pottered around a stone garden, with a variety of plants, as it soaked up the rays in Croatia. Yet when it headed towards one particular green garden flower, it got the fright of its life.

The Google maps camera appeared right above the pet, high in the sky.

It’s alien-like reflection can clearly be seen casting a black shadow on the floor.

The activity overhead caused the cat, who was walking in the opposite direction, to leap up in fear.

Getting the fright of its life it can clearly be seen with its back arched.

It then turns to look at the camera to see what has happened.

The animal’s reaction perhaps isn’t surprising, as the camera’s size was magnified on the floor.

Meanwhile, other bizarre animal occurrences have been captured by the Google Maps street view team.

A donkey was caught talking a stroll down a dusty desert path, in what must be a daily occurrence.

He was seen trotting down the road in the middle of Botswana with no other living presence bar some trees on either side. The grey farmyard mammal looked to be perfectly content in his own company, taking its time to walk down the road.

Yet its tranquil outing was somewhat disrupted by the arrival of the cameras.

It was tracked cantering down the road before falling straight to the floor, in what looked to be an accident.

The donkey was seen lying on the dirt track on his right side, with its tail flailing around.

It is unclear what caused the sudden shift to the floor, though it could be because the arrival of the cameras had spooked it.

Alternatively, it could have just fancied a lie down in the sunshine.

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