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Cruises: Cruise crew told never to talk politics on-board for this reason | Cruise | Travel

Cruise ship staff are busy at work while passengers enjoy their holidays on board the floating hotels. They are given rigorous training to prepare them for the jobs they’ll have to do when cruisers join the ship. Former cruise ship worker Brian David Bruns revealed what he was taught when he joined Carnival Cruise line. He unveiled his experiences as an on-board waiter in his tell-all book Cruise Confidential.

Bruns tells his readers that cruise ship crew were instructed to never talk about politics.

He quotes one of the trainers as saying: “There is a big difference between people and their government.

“Not all of us are from democracies, after all, and even a democracy does not necessarily reflect its people.”

Carnival cruise workers were also told to avoid discussing military action.

The trainer said: “Never mention all the military actions of the US. It’s completely against policy, but more importantly, the guests won’t know what you’re talking about and will probably be offended.”

Religion is also another no-no. “Politics are dangerous enough, but we all know how religious talk can cause problems. Don’t even go there,” the trainer told Bruns.

The author reveals the cruise company had over sixty nationalities represented in its staff.

The importance of their getting on was greatly stressed during induction.

“If we don’t [get on well] we get sent home. That means no money,” the trainer said.

“If you fight with anybody because he’s different, you will be sent home. No money. Even if is someone hits you and you don’t fight back, you are both going home.

“Carnival takes it that seriously. Revel in learning about the world, but don’t forget why we are here. We are here for the money.”

Another former cruise worker has revealed the shocking way some cruise companies try to con passengers.

Joshua Kinser unveiled in his book Chronicles of a Cruise Ship Crew Member the intriguing way cruise companies save money when it comes to using live bands. He explained that when he joined one cruise ship during his career at sea, he realised that a band on board wasn’t actually playing at all. 

“The trumpet player was moving his horn around, but he wasn’t moving his fingers. The clarinet player was doing the same thing,” he wrote. “Even the drummer was moving his sticks up and down without touching the drumheads.”

He recalls how he couldn’t stop laughing and told his colleagues: “They’re not playing. The band isn’t actually playing. It’s all fake. They finally did it. It’s all fake.”

Kinser explained some cruise companies get round extra costs by using showbands that are “‘enhanced’ with backing tracks.

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