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Brexit News: Dominic Raab urges MPs to vote down Theresa May’s Brexit deal | Politics | News

In one last scathing plea, the former Brexit Secretary, who resigned in November in protest of Mrs May’s deal, is pushing for a no deal Brexit saying “Britain can do better.” In reaction to Mrs May’s recent correspondence with European Commission Chief Jean-Claude Juncker, Mr Raab suggested the Government should stand up to Brussels. He said: “It is a bad deal, and Britain can do better.

“It’s time to stop treating Brexit as a gloomy book-keeping exercise in risk management.

“MPs should vote against the deal, send a clear message to Brussels that the UK will not be bullied – and deliver the optimistic vision that, in 2016, fired up the biggest democratic mandate for change we’ve ever seen.”

Mr Raab added the deal would “keep us locked into swathes of EU laws” and “threaten the integrity of the UK”.

He continued: “It suffocates the opportunities Brexit offers.”

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Writing for The Telegraph, Mr Raab argued if MPs vote down Mrs May’s deal the UK should continue to squeeze EU partners for a deal that respects the referendum.

The prominent Brexiteer added the UK would be in a stronger position to continue negotiations as an independent third country if it is willing to leave the EU at the end of March on World Trade Organisation Terms.

He promised the Tories can offer “aspirational working and middle-class Britons a brighter future and stave off the threat of a hard-left Labour Government”.

Mrs May faces strong opposition to her doomed deal throughout Parliament, with over 100 of her own MPs saying they will oppose the deal.

Mr Raab’s comments come after fellow Tory MP and Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith said leaving the EU without a deal is the best option for Britain.

Mr Duncan Smith stated Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement was “flawed” and opting to leave on WTO terms would be for the best.

He said: “The greatest benefit of leaving under no deal is that our country can start to enjoy the benefits of Brexit from March 29 2019, rather than being left in the purgatory of Mrs May’s deal.”

In a report published today by pro-Brexit group Economists for Free entitled “No deal is the best deal for Britain”, both Brexiteers came together to urge MPs to back a no deal.

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