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Leeds fans mock Derby with binocular gestures after Bielsa admission | Football | Sport

Leeds United were found to have deployed a staff member to spy on Derby’s training on Thursday.

The Rams found the ‘spy’ and called Derbyshire Police, who confirmed someone had been spoken to but not arrested.

Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa confirmed before kick off on Friday that he had instructed a staff member to seek out Derby’s preparations at the Rams’ training ground.

And Leeds fans were in joking spirits at Elland Road tonight as plenty made a binoculars gesture during the game.

Bielsa admitted responsibility for the incident before kick off, claiming it was normal practice in his home country of Argentina to get an edge over your opponent.

Frank Lampard hit back, insisting it was not the done thing.

And the duo shared a frosty handshake before kick off at Elland Road.

Bielsa said: “It’s true. There was someone from .

“The man responsible for this incident was me. I am responsible for it.

“There is some precisions that I need to give.

“It doesn’t matter if this is legal or illegal, right or wrong.

“For me it’s enough that Frank Lampard and Derby County felt that it was not the right thing to do. For me to see that, to believe that. I didn’t behave well.

“Yesterday I talked for Frank Lampard and he told me that, for him, I didn’t respect the fair play rules.

“I have a different point of view but the important thing is what Frank Lampard and Derby County think.

“I am the only one responsible for this. I didn’t ask for the permission of the club of Leeds United to do that.

“Without trying to find a justification. I have been using this kind of practice since the qualifications for the World Cup with Argentina. This is not unlawful, not illegal.

“We have been doing it publicly. We talk about it in the press. For some people it’s the wrong thing to do and for other’s it’s not the wrong thing to do.”

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