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Jane McDonald: Cruising Down Under star reveals if partner Eddie Rothe travels with her | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Cruising with Jane McDonald began back in 2017 and sees her spend six months on the high seas. And now the singer has revealed whether her partner Eddie Rothe joins her on ship, and how he feels about the time they do spend apart. The 55-year-old, who has been in a relationship with the musician for over a decade, said she leaves him at home to film the popular Channel 5 offering. She said she treats it like any other job, and in her mind it would be odd for him to tag along.

In an interview with The Sunday Post’s In10 Magazine, Jane spoke candidly about their relationship and her life cruising.

“I spend six months of the year on cruises,” she commented. “Travelling the world with your mates, it’s such good fun and I hope that comes across.”

The former Loose Women regular continued: “Ed doesn’t come with me because this is my work.

“If I worked at a checkout I wouldn’t expect him to stand next to me, and he’s happy for me to go off and do these things.”

Jane then quipped: “I think he likes having control of the remote and being able to eat whatever he wants!

“I do make special time for Ed, though. I think you have to do that when you are away as much as I am.”

The couple previously met as teenagers in the 1980s but grew apart, before meeting up again and falling in love.

She previously told the Mirror: “When I met Eddie again, it was instant. I thought, ‘This is what I’m after’.

“He is a great man who makes me laugh and has a wonderful heart. And, what’s more, he’s kept his good looks.”

Jane was previously married twice before, most recently to Danish-born engineer Henrik Brixen.

Speaking of their split to the publication, she revealed: “He left because he couldn’t handle it any more.

“This industry is tough and it was difficult for both of us. I felt bereft because I enjoyed being married and I was alone again.”

Meanwhile, Jane spoke about the wonderful team she has around her, who help to organise both Cruising and her tours.

She added: “Trying to work out my schedule is hard but I’m lucky I have two great teams who take care of it all.

“They are like little fairies who organise everything and tell me what I’m doing.”

Jane McDonald Cruising Down Under continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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