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When can I drive after drinking? Know your drinking limit this Christmas

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Drink driving is a huge no-no, and everyone with common sense knows you shouldn’t.

However, particularly as drinking becomes more commonplace over the festive period, many people still get behind the wheel when they’re not entirely sure they’re under the limit.

Never driving after any alcohol is the best way to keep safe and out of trouble.

However, what about the morning after? You also need to ensure you don’t drive when alcohol is in your system, and a good night’s sleep doesn’t always make that so.

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Your brain function can be affected by any amount of alcohol, so once again we must stress that if you plan on drinking you should find another method of transport home.

The next day, you should work out if the alcohol has left your system before you drive again.

The NHS state that it takes roughly one hour for one unit to leave your body. This can be altered, though, by all sorts of things from your weight to age to metabolism, so don’t take it as gospel.

This calculator is quite handy, as it can show you the length of time you need to wait after drinking before you’re safe to drive.

They do stress it’s not 100% accurate, and you have to make sure this time starts after your drinks have finished. It is a good guideline, however.

There is no way to make your blood alcohol content go down any faster, so any attempts at using coffee or a shower to do so are futile.

Always err on the side of caution, and never get behind the wheel if you have any reason to believe there’s alcohol in your system.

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