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WWE Survivor Series: Ronda Rousey net worth revealed – How much is UFC legend worth? | WWE | Sport

Rousey put together arguably the greatest in-ring debut in professional wrestling history when she teamed up with fellow Olympian Kurt Angle and defeated Stephanie McMahon as well as Triple H at WrestleMania 34.

Four months after her stunning wrestling bow the UFC Hall of Famer won the RAW Women’s Championship at SummerSlam from Alexa Bliss.

The Baddest Woman on the Planet’s incredible in-ring skills as well as superstar status are being handsomely rewarded.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, ‘Rowdy’ is worth a staggering $12m (£9.4m).


Rousey made a name for herself in UFC where she became the first ever Women’s Bantamweight Champion.

The 31-year-old fighter remained undefeated for almost three years until she was dethroned by Holly Holm.

But before her MMA exploits, the California native was a prominent judoka as she represented the United States of America and won a silver medal in the 2007 World Championships in Rio de Janeiro and also got third place in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

She is now considered by many to be WWE’s hottest commodity at this time as she is undefeated and is wrecking havoc on RAW.


The RAW Women’s Champion will be facing Charlotte Flair tonight at Survivor Series, which takes place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Rousey was initially set to battle Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch but The Irish Lass Kicker was removed from the event after suffering a broken nose and a concussion.

The Man got hurt when she led a successful Smackdown invasion on RAW last Monday night.

The two-time women’s champion attacked Rousey backstage and tried to rip her arm off with the Dis-Arm-Her.


The Irish superstar then attacked Team RAW with her Smackdown team-mates and brutalised the UFC legend even more with three chair shots.

However, Lynch was injured during the brawl as Nia Jax punched her in the face.

But that only increased the Smackdown superstar’s popularity as she kept on fighting and completed her successful invasion despite all the blood pouring down her face.

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