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NBA news: Jimmy Butler trade to 76ers SLAMMED by ESPN pundit | Other | Sport

The Timberwolves lost all-star forward Butler earlier this week when he joined the Philadelphia 76ers.

Butler’s departure was a big blow for the Timberwolves, although the 29-year-old’s debut wasn’t as memorable as he would have hoped as the 76ers lost 111-106 against Orlando Magic.

The move was a high-profile one and it has been questioned in some quarters.

And former star Paul Pierce has now blasted the Timberwolves owner for his part in the handling of the Butler trade.

When asked whether the Timberwolves wasted time in trying to persuade Butler to stay, he said: “I think everybody knew this.

“The way they handled it just didn’t go right.

“Some of this has to be put on the owner.

“You allow Jimmy [Butler] back into the team the things he said about demanding a trade and hijacking the team, you knew it was going to be toxic.

“They tried to ride this s***.

“All round it was bad management to come out at the start of the season like this.

“They should have handled it before the start of the season or they wouldn’t be going through all this right now.”

Meanwhile, Sixers general manager Elton Brand doesn’t think Butler’s arrival will affect Markelle Futz.

He said: “Not at all. It wasn’t a changed view of Markelle’s future.

“It was more of a changed view of being able to get a superstar right now and seeing where other teams were.

“There are some really talented teams [in the Eastern Conference]. … It was just a chance to have our team take another leap.”

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