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Tom Brady: New England Patriots boss Bill Belichick ready to AXE star – EXCLUSIVE | Other | Sport

That’s according to NFL expert Neil Reynolds who reckons the experienced chief has no room for sentimentality.

Brady is firmly established as one of the greatest NFL players in history and is a five-time Super Bowl winner.

However, the Michigan graduate is now 41 years old and was at the centre of a power struggle between Belichick and owner Robert Kraft last year.

“Belichick is cold enough to move on from Brady,” Reynolds told Express Sport.

“But Robert Kraft absolutely loves Brady and has already said he will get to call his terms and call when he wants to leave.

“I think Belichick would move on from Brady before Brady was willing to go.

“But I say that they leave together – I’ll get on the fence.

“There’s too much… the owner would get involved and keep Brady around.

“They probably do end up riding off into the sunset together.”

The Patriots’ early form has been erratic – although they cruised to a comfortable 38-7 win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

Ahead of tonight’s clash with the Indenapolis Colts, Reynolds has warned that behind the scenes turmoil regarding Brady’s contract could derail the NFL heavyweight’s season.

“As a player you put up with the miserable work environment if you’re winning but it can unravel when you’re losing,” he added.

“I think it’s going to simmer away because the stuff about Belichick and Brady – and not being fun to work there – is real.

“Brady has got a reason to be a little bit miffed.

“He always does team friendly contract deals. They basically gave him a $5m bonus but said you’ve got to earn that.

“If he gets that bonus it takes him up to $18m a year, which is basically what the Jacksonville Jaguars are paying Blake Bortles.

“If I was Brady and seeing all this money going elsewhere, I’d want to be surrounded by all the talented playmakers the NFL has.

“Your Tyreek Hill’s and Todd Gurley’s – they don’t have a lot of stars. They have to scheme everything these Patriots.

“There are genuine problems underneath but I think they’re good at keep them underneath. We’ll obviously see how that plays out.”

Despite the Patriots’ underwhelming 2-2 record, Reynolds still expects them to come good when it counts.

“They’ve been mixed, but it’s typical Patriots – particularly in the early stages of the season,” he explained.

“Belichick plays his young players more than most teams.

“I think he wants to know what he’s got in September so he can rely on them in January.

“They adjust in season better than any team in the NFL.”

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