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Piers Morgan: GMB star speaks out on Lily Allen on Instagram | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Piers Morgan, 53, took to his Instagram to post a video of Lily Allen, 33, discussing Brexit and trade deals, in which she sarcastically said he “knows everything”.

In the short clip shared first by Good Morning Britain, the hitmaker said: “I think unless you’re a well-versed economist, then you’re not really going to understand the intricacies of Brexit and trade deals.

“Unless of course, you are Piers Morgan and you know everything.”

The video was first posted on the official GMB page with the caption: “Lily Allen says nobody understands Brexit – unless you’re Piers Morgan and ‘know everything’.”

Piers also shared the clip, writing: “Lily Allen finally says something intelligent.”

Many of his 220,000 followers flocked to his page to comment.

One user commented: “Haha… the expression at the end.”

A second added: “This will be the last time I’m sure.”

A third penned: “Honestly @thepiersmorgan let it go.”

Back in June, the pair were at loggerheads in a Twitter feud over an argument about a AK-47 necklace Lily was spotted wearing.

Piers hit out at her saying her necklace looked like a “machine gun” and he asked her why she was wearing it.

The pair exchanged a number of comments in their spat, which resulted in Lily refusing to appear on the ITV show he co-presents with Susanna Reid.

Responding to her absence on the show, he tweeted her writing: “Hi Lily, I told the team I wouldn’t interview you until or if your new album is a hit. So, probably never.

“Sorry to disappoint, love Piers.”

Lily responded, writing: “There would be no incentive to come and talk to you if an album was already a commercial success.

“That’s not how promotion works. Nice try though, we all know you’re a p**** who can’t back it.”

Addressing her no-show, she told her fans in a video: “So my album No Shame is out in a couple of days and we’ve been putting together my promo schedule and the first people that asked me to come on the TV was Good Morning Britain last week,” she claimed.

“Then this morning, Good Morning Britain called up my people and said, ‘After Lily and Piers’ Twitter spat, would Lily like to cancel coming on the show?’

“To which which I responded: ‘No! Of course not! What? You think I’m scared of Piers Morgan?’”

She continued: “Anyway, that message went back and I just got the news that I was cancelled because Piers don’t want that smoke!”

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