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NBA news: Lakers GM reveals all on Lonzo Ball injury and what fans can expect | Other | Sport

Ball, who had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee in mid-July, has been unable to participate in full scrimmaging training – but fans can expect to see a new-look Ball once he returns.

The 20-year-old has impressed the Lakers’ staff by focusing his training on building up his physique.

“He hasn’t been able to play five-on-five basketball because he had to have a scope on his knee,” Pelinka said.

“But just the way he stayed dedicated to reshaping his body and making sure that if he’s playing against a really strong point guard like a Russell Westbrook, who’s gonna come at him with his aggressive nature and give him a bump.

“Lonzo will be able to take it or even bump him back. You’ll see that in his physique.”

Ball, who was the number two overall pick in the 2017 draft, missed 20 games in his rookie season.

Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson told Ball that this summer would be “the biggest offseason” of his life.

Johnson is hopeful that if Ball improves his physical presence he can become a superstar in the league.

“We feel that he can go to another level if he changes his body and if he’s able to stay on the court,” Johnson said.

Ball admits that, despite being a renowned passer, he has to focus on his scoring in all scenarios across the court.

“The main focus is scoring from all levels,” Ball said.

“Especially off the pick-and-roll getting into the paint.

“Floaters, pull-ups, stuff of that nature.”

The Lakers did not have a mentor in place to help Ball develop and learn how to play the point guard position, but Johnson is hopeful that 32-year-old NBA superstar Rajon Rondo can now take on this mantle.

Johnson hopes Rondo, who has four All-Defensive selections, led the NBA in assists for three years and claimed a championship, can help Ball develop as a player in his second year.

“I told everybody when I took over the job and then we drafted him, the one thing that was missing was a mentor,” Johnson said.

“We didn’t really have a mentor for him to teach him and tell him how to play the point guard position.

“Now we have one in Rondo that can take him through how to read defences, how to play and defend certain guys in the league at that position, and on and on and on.

“This is really going to be an important year for Lonzo, and I think Rondo will help him out a lot.”

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